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stuck in the middle of no where
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RYO melts :D
Nangis dgr lagu ni semalam. Suddenly, the tears came from no where, when I watched Faizal's performance yesterday. Why should we kill each other? Can't we live happily ever after? :'(

RYO melts :D

I watched this 10++ just for the cinematography and locations!~~ It is brilliant!!!!
10th-Jan-2016 06:16 pm - Walk down the memory lane
RYO melts :D
Being a fangirl nowadays is not as excited as before. Too old maybe? Haha. I just rewatched ProDai (still got 2 episodes to go) made me realised how time flies. *cries* I still remember when ProDai was broadcasted, I was struggling with my Master and yet I still got time to watch this. I'm flying back to 2008!!! Can we call this as timeslip too? hahaha. The starting of Ashita hareru kana struck me back to how much I carzy about J-Fandom at that time. Suddenly, I miss my fangirl time very much. Sabishii naa...

There's no more MegaUpload (MU) which I think that would be the best server to download, I can say most everything. I bought lifetime account and it served me very well for almost 5 years!!! I really thankful for that. It was easy to download songs, videos, movies, dramas. Shh... hahaha Anyway, I spent a lot to buy stuff too. ALbums, calendars, DVDs, CDs oh man... natsukahii naa :)
3rd-Sep-2015 06:05 pm - It has been a long long time
RYO melts :D
Oh, my! It has been a long long time I write in LJ. Life is killing me with all the burden of working and now again studying. I hope all of you are having a good time in your life. Fangirling is too far from me now :( sucks, but this is the fact. I really want to have Doraemon here and I can always go back to my excellent awesome memorable fangirling time! Ahahaha.

18th-Aug-2014 10:59 am - Lama gile wei!
RYO melts :D
Wah I think I'm already old? ahahha no more fangirling ( which is I miss so much). Reality is too hard! Maybe I got money (yeah, compared to last time as a student) ahahah but, no time! Time flies! Or maybe when I'm going to be a student again ( which I hope very soon) so I can back to normal routine?? Yay!! Where's LJ my friend? I've been shut down for quite some time. Yeah.. I know :( *sobs sobs*
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